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Turnkey Solutions

MYHR is a boutique HR consulting company that delivers practical all-round Human Resources solutions firefox download update kostenlos. The Human Resource solutions that we provide are therefore clear, concise, appropriate and effective.

Our services cover all key aspects of the HR life-cycle, both at a strategic and operational level herunterladen. Our services include advice as well as Systems, Tools, Training and project based hands on implementation of any HR intervention.

Our services are modularized into different service portfolios/packages, which are tailored for the unique need of each client iphone ton herunterladen.


We provide effective Solutions to take care of any recruitment need of a client herunterladen. The process is customized to client needs and encompasses searching, screening & short listing of resumes, administering psychometric test, all liaison, coordination and submission of final reports
• Specialising in Dental support
• Specialising in Financial services
• Headhunting
• Temping
• Job spec design & advertisement
• Screening CV’s
• Shortlisting (including credit bureau checks)
• Conducting interviews
• Selection

Industrial Relations

This service provides specialist advice and dedicated assistance to clients in all labour relations matters deezer.
Service options are:
• Handling industrial action,
• Dispute resolution,
• Disciplinary procedures, which include: guidance on investigation of the case, drafting charge sheets, compiling evidence, and chairing of disciplinary hearings
• Grievance handling,
• CCMA representations
• Formulation of policy and procedures relating to Employee Relations
• Telephonic consultation / advisory service

Performance Management

We are able to assist the clients with the implementation or enhancement of performance management processes and systems office 2016 download free chip.

Service options are:
• Align staff performance goals to the strategic objectives of the business
• Develop a performance management strategy and policy for the organization
• Design and implement required performance appraisal tools
• Facilitate roll-out of performance appraisal system
• Guidance on handling tough discussions and managing poor performance

Psychometric Testing

MyHR is a registered user of CEB/SHL Talent Measurement Solutions

We provide credible and reliable psychometric assessments apps youtube videosen. We assess to identify interests, capabilities, personalities and skills to ensure the perfect fit for appointments, ensure continuous growth and development plans thunderbird gratis herunterladen.

Psychometric profiles are a tool to use when making hard-headed business decisions. Assessments will provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions in order to ultimately increase your bottom line by decreasing your staff turnover, identifying talent and creating a more efficient and productive organisation lernwerkstatt herunterladen.

The assessments determines abilities (an individual’s capacity to work with numbers, words, diagrams and systems) and personalities (how people typically like to act, how they are motivated, how they react to authority and their honesty and integrity, their behaviour), to ensure you know the in and out of your valuable resource (your staff) windows update herunterladen geht nicht.

Psychometric profiling can have a massive impact on the following areas:
• Recruiting new staff.
• Identifying people with the potential to be promoted and developed (Talent management and development).
• Counselling staff that are under-performing.
• Putting teams together.
• Coaching Senior Managers.
• Identify pressure points and areas of frustration within a Company.
• Decide on the best organisational structure (Organizational development and effectiveness).
• Create incentive programmes that really motivate.
• Contribute towards decisions about people individually or people in groups.
• Ensure team productivity with calculated Personality matches

Employment Administration

The need to supply and validate employee related information (POPI) is becoming a business imperative. MYHR provides an advisory service which is designed to assist employers to more effectively manage employee (HR) data and information.

Service options are:

• Evaluation of existing / proposed HR systems
• Process analysis & enhancement
• Design and installation of HR information systems
• Job description audit and alignment
• Data extraction and validation
• Data modelling for HR decision support
• Job Analysis
• New employee documentation
• Company Specific Induction Pack
• Employment Contracts
• Termination process (Exit Interviews, Service certificates etc…)

Speak to us to see how we can assist your company.