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16 Undercover Job Search StrategiesSeptember 11, 2015

News - By: marlize

Are you currently employed but about to launch a passive or active job search? Are you concerned about keeping your search confidential so you don’t place your current role in jeopardy?

You should be. It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for job seekers to experience negative consequences at work once their job search intentions become known. From outright firing to loss of trust, some job seekers have been damaged by their attempts to land a new role while still engaged in their current one. (more…)

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This article is by Christopher Byrne, a consultant and author of the new book Funny Business: Harnessing the Power of Play to Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage.

Amazon is getting a lot of attention right now. Apparently, according to an article in The New York Times, the company is a horrible place to work. Its detractors and defenders, however, are all missing the point, at least when it comes to the employee experience. People choose to work at Amazon. Not only do they choose to do so, they compete to have the choice. (more…)

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August 7, 2015

By Paul White, PhD

Every good dental practice manager knows that the customer experience is only as good as the employees who run it. The time and other resources it takes to help qualified employees feel appreciated for their contributions is significant; however, the payoff is worth it and it’s not as hard as one would think. (more…)

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Your LinkedIn summary is quickly becoming your most important tool for advancing your career and marketing your skills. That’s because first impressions have gone digital: people are learning about you online before they ever shake your hand. As soon as they know they’re going to meet you or have a phone conference with you, they’ll start their online research. (more…)

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Gender inequality remains a concern in the South African business environment as potential female leaders are side-lined for their male counterparts. This is according to Kay Vittee, the CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, who is committed to the empowerment of women in the workplace and who was recently named the 2014 Top Empowered Female leader of the Year.

Vittee says, “While it is true that it’s often harder for women and especially single mothers to pursue their career goals, any driven individual, regardless of gender, will rise to any challenge they are faced with. In fact it is duality in roles – juggling work and family – that often makes women more suitable for certain leadership positions.” (more…)

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